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Let’s Talk About Fat, Properties of Fat . . .

9 Feb

This is a subject I think about a lot. If you’ve only known me for a few years you may or may not know that I spent most of my life as a chubby girl and dropped about 30 lbs back in 2004. For reasons I won’t go into here, I joined Weight Watchers and got pretty serious about working out.

I managed to successfully keep all of it off until shortly after getting engaged to and moving in with Zach. We were having such a good time cooking dinner together and indulging ourselves with wine pretty much every night of the week that I proceeded to gain back around 10 lbs. Which isn’t *too* bad but still.

When we finally set our wedding date, I joined WW again but this time I signed up for the online version. There was no way I was going to those meetings again.  I started back up in November 2009 (right before Thanksgiving!!) and lost those 10 lbs by February 2010 or so. Plenty of time for our April wedding.

A wedding is the ultimate motivation. I got into pretty awesome shape, if I do say so myself. (Side note: I used to hate my fat arms so much that I would never leave the house without a black cardigan. Even when it was 100 degrees out.)  I can look back on my wedding pictures and be proud of the fact that my arms looked awesome in my strapless dress on my wedding day. I did not need a black cardigan. (Even though I fully wore one later in the evening anyway. Some habits die hard.)

So here I am, almost a year (!) later and guess what? Those 10 lbs are back. I know “they” say the first year of marriage is the hardest. Not in this house! I would even say we’ve been on our honeymoon ever since, back to the old bad habit of not giving a damn and just doing, eating, and drinking whatever we want whenever we want.

Which is great. I’m really enjoying married life. But, dude! I gained back the 10 lbs that I *just* lost?!?! Again? That sucks so much! Why did I let it slip out of my hands again?

I guess 10 lbs is my threshold. I cannot let it go beyond that. Time to get serious again. Um, especially since we’re going to JAMAICA in May for a wedding!!

So anyway, I’m back on WW. Counting points. Trying to make better choices more often. (This recipe my mother-in-law sent me the other day is probably not a good idea, right?

Which reminds me . . . I think I need to go to facebook and untag a couple of pics somebody posted of me from back in college. Yikes.


At last. I can stop suffering and write that blog.

5 Feb

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for like forever.  And I’ve never done it because I could never think of a cohesive theme for it. Like, originally, I thought about writing a blog about nothing but cheeseburgers. But then I thought I might get very fat doing the research to come up with enough posts to make it interesting.

And then I thought about writing a fashion blog. But I’ve been very lazy about my clothing choices lately and we’re trying to save money towards a house purchase so shopping for new stuff is out.

While planning my wedding last year, I developed an unhealthy obsession with wedding blogs (which I still haven’t been able to shake) and briefly entertained the idea of doing something about real bridal fashion…something like a bridal Outfit of the Day thing. (I can hear you all right now. “IT’S OVER, THERESA.”)

I also thought I might write a blog about Santa Monica…cool things to do, restaurant reviews, etc. (Those things will probably make lots of appearences here though.)

The fact of the matter is, I’m just All Up In a bunch of different stuff so I think this blog is going to just be about all the random things I love to do while living in the greatest place on earth…Santa Monica.

Stay tuned…