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1980 – My parents belonged to the Playboy Club

22 Feb

My older brother and I had the privelege of being amongst the only 7 and 10 year olds whose parents actually took them to dinner there.

I remember they had a little arcade area with a Playboy pinball machine and some table arcade game. I don’t remember which one though. Maybe Pac-Man? My brother and I loved to sit there and play games after dinner while my parents listened to some horrible 80s lounge act.

The interesting part about that is that the walls of the game area were lined with framed Playboy centerfolds. That’s right. Fully nude chicks. No problem! My mom added pen bikinis to them in her photo album.

(Bear in mind the following pictures might be ever so slightly NSFW.)

Uh oh mom, I think you missed a few bikinis in this next one! (Don’t worry. I fixed them for you.) And check out my dad’s pimped out 3 piece pinstriped suit!:

My oldest and most loved-on stuffed animal is actually a Playboy Bunny mascot my parents bought for me in the gift shop.  I named him Nick, after the bartender who always put extra cherries in my Shirley Temples.  I still have him.  He has been everywhere with me.

His sweater (with a P for Playboy) shrank in the wash. His right ear has been sewn back on a few times. And his pants ripped right at the crotch. (Interesting placement.)  Also, he used to have a little Playboy flag/pennant sticking out of his hand, like this Playboy Bunny from the 1960s:  http://www.robertedwardauctions.com/auction/images_items/Item_3331_2.jpg

It might seem crazy that my parents would take us little kids along with them to the Playboy Club of all places but aside from the nudie pics on the walls it wasn’t that racy of a place. I remember it as more of a supper club.

My parents liked to party. They didn’t let the fact that they had kids stop them. I think that’s pretty awesome.