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Emergency Flip-flops

8 Feb

So this past weekend, while the East Coast was buried under snow and freezing its collective ass off, my husband and I were riding bikes around Venice beach. I wasn’t aware of how warm it actually was outside so I went out with a light sweater and uggs. By the time we got down to the boardwalk I was seriously regretting my choices.

Luckily, I had a tank top on under the sweater and there was a flip-flop store nearby. I put ’em on, rolled up my jeans, and sat down at On the Waterfront for a giant glass of heifeweizen (which by the way, Zach, is not pronounced “heffen-wisen.)

It really was a gorgeous day out and I felt lucky to live in Southern California. Zach eventually left me to go watch an NC State basketball game but I still had beer left so I stayed put. The people watching down there is just, well . . . I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. (I used my new Nikon Coolpix P7000 and piknik to apply the “lomo-ish” effect.)